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With that out of the way, the question then becomes what would the Cavs give up to acquire a possible rental superstar? LeBron James is obviously off the table, and draft picks from Cleveland are essentially irrelevant, as they’ll be at the end of the first round for at least the next few years. Thus, the only other players that Indiana would really be interested in are Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and Tristan Thompson. Thompson alone won’t be enough to swing a trade to land George, even with the Pacers’ lack of leverage, any deal would have to include at least one of Irving and Love.

With that in mind, what should the Lakers do when it comes to George? There isn’t a need to immediately trade for him when he’s already made his future destination known. If anything they can just wait it out and sign him in free agency without losing a single asset. However, there is definite risk in going that route and L.A needs to decide if the risk is worth keeping their assets.

Overall, the Cavs do have a legitimate shot, as they can offer a star player in return for George. However, they would have to decide whether or not it’s worth it to part ways with Irving or Love (or both, depending on what the Pacers ask for). Each player is under contract until at least 2019, and the Cavs would be getting a player who — despite their confidence in convincing him to stay — may very well leave next season to go to the Lakers.

Johnson has been adamant since joining the Lakers that nobody is untouchable as far as trades go so it’s no surprise to hear him claim that a trade can always be made. He also sounds like he plans on making the most out of what’s expected to be a very deep 2017 NBA Draft class. What’s surprising to hear is Johnson admit that Los Angeles doesn’t really plan on going after anybody in this year’s free agency group and instead choosing to keep the cap space.

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Just before the half-time whistle, Hulk nutmegged one defender and looked to get past another as a frustrated Oscar smashed the ball toward Li Tixiang. The ball ricocheted off the Chinese defender but fell back to the Brazilian who once again booted the ball, sending it into another Guangzhou R&F player. 

That started off a round of pushing and shoving that led to a full-on fight between members of both teams and saw Li and Shanhai SIPG’s Fu Huan given their marching orders.

Coach Dragan Stojkovic said: “I never allow my players to play so dirty. We respect our opponents, spectators and referees.

“Justice will prevail. I believe everybody discount cheap jerseys saw what happened and I saw quite clearly what happened.”

Huang Shenghua, vice president of Guangzhou R&F, added: “It is hoped the Referees Committee will draw a fair conclusion after reviewing all the things that had happened.

“We all see the provocative behaviour of some of their players … I won’t make comment on the matter but I hope the management authority can do more about it.”

Hulk’s earlier goal had brought the score level as the two sides played out a 1-1 draw with 10 men each, but Oscar, who also provided the assist for his countryman’s strike, escaped punishment for his part in the choas.

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The NHL draft lottery has set the order for the first 15 picks of the 2017 NHL Entry Draft, so it’s time to start planning when and where you’ll be watching the 53rd edition of the event in June.

While there’s not a supreme talent like Connor McDavid or Auston Matthews in this year’s NHL draft, there are some future All-Stars who could change the course of a franchise.

There were many reasons why the Lightning traded rising star Jonathan Drouin to the Canadiens on Thursday; however, Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman stood firm in saying that above all else, the deal centered around the ability to acquire 18-year-old stud defenseman Mikhail Sergachev.

“Ultimately we made the trade because we were looking to acquire a defenseman, and Sergachev is big and strong, a good skater, moves the puck well, and we were looking for that kind of player,” Yzerman explained in a conference call with reporters.
McPhee told reporters Sunday that “there were no surprises” when the Golden Knights received the lists and that he was “really pleased with what’s available.”

“We are now going through the process of trying to put the team together, we are still talking to clubs and we are hoping to do deals with clubs if they want to protect their rosters,” he told reporters, according to SportsNet.

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